2 Full Bunkrooms with 22 bunks each  ♦  5 Quad Pods (4 bunks)   ♦  12 Dual Pods (2 bunks)   ♦  Total of 44 bunks available

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Bunk Rooms are available for the 2019 Spring & Summer seasons.

2 bunkrooms with 22 bunks each side features 44 beds in a very comfortable area downstairs.

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  • If guests book the whole lodge, both bunk rooms are included.
  • If a guest wishes to book a condo and the bunk room for overflow we can arrange that too!

Our goal is to offer guests flexible lodging options.


The Game Room

The game room is a common space adjacent to the bunk room.

This area is available for all guests of the lodge and features

  • pool table

  • card table
  • large 4k television



Hot Tubs

Outside on the game room patio guest will have two eight person hot tubs to choose to relax in while they stream their music over the built in bluetooth speakers.


 The Hostel

This is the most exciting part of the Lodge!

There are two large hostel bunk rooms on either side of the game room.

Each side will sleep up to 22  for a total of 44 beds.

Guests enjoy seven baths along with a kitchen in the game room.

Hostel guest can rent single bunk or rent an entire private quad and all guests have access to all the great amenities the lodge has to offer.

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For your comfort on those rare overly warm days

the Entire Lodge is

Air Conditioned